Storage System

For several applications, to ensure continous supply of ice, it is essential to have specially designed storage systems.
We manufacture 2 types of storage systems:

1) Rake system:
- Ice leveler will level the incoming tube ice.
- Available in the tube ice storage capacities of 40, 75 and 100 Tons
- Designed for uninterrupted opearion, long life and low maintenance.
- Standard Ice rake components made from MS hot-dipped galvanized. For corrosive environment, components can be made from stainless steel of suitable grade.
- Ice discharge time from delivery screw conveyor can be syncronised with storage filling time.
- The hoist on which leveler is mounted automatically adjusts height of the rake to level the ice.
- PLC controlled for automatic operation.

2) Live bottom bin:
- Suitable for ice storage up to 20 Tons.
- First-in First out principle does not allow ice to fuse together.
- Controlled by VFD driven chain drive which moves ice towards discharge conveyor.
- Number of rotating augers at different levels distribute ice uniformly.
- Fabricated from MS galvanised


  • Chemical Industries
  • Chicken And Meat Processing
  • Seafood Processing
  • Bakeries 
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Hospitality Sector



1. Tube ice crusher:

  • Available in 2 & 3 HP.
  • Standard stainlell steel construction.
  • Available in stand-alone version or fitted on screw comveyor.

    2. Hydraulic block press:

    • Capacities from 5 to 25 kg blocks

      3. Semi-automatic packing system:

      • Suitable for packing 5, 10, 20 Kgs. Tube ice
      • Can fill up to 2,500 Kgs per hour with single labour involvement.
      • Completely Stainless Steel in accordance with 'food grade' compliance.

      4. Screw conveyors:

      • Designed to convey Tube ice effeciently.
      • Completely stainless steel construction.
      • Available in covered and open types.

        5. Ice storage hopper:

        • Suitable for ice storage for shorter durations.
        • Available capacities: 250 to 2500Kg.

          6. IceWatch system:

          • Monitor the Tube ice plant from anywhere
          • Set parameters to monitor plant performance
          • Performance data transmitted to central server.
          • Generates actionable reports.


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