About Us


For the last decade and more, ICELINGS has been a consistently and progressively growing player in the Ice & Refrigeration market across India. We have the honor and privilege of being the most successive and experienced player in this domain. Our perseverance coupled with collective attitude an adaptive, undaunted, nonchalant management and functional team has led us achieve the excellence that we extend to our customers.

Over the last 10 years Mr. Boman Irani’s Strong-willed nature, Decisive attitude, and efficient leadership along with his foresight has helped walks the towards the roads to success. Currently, we are being led by Mr.Rustom Irani, who is an Alumni of Cornell University, USA.

Current as a forte of our products and services we mass manufacture high-quality, industrial grade ice production equipment. Our clientele, mostly being mid-to-large scale food, beverage, pharmaceutical and hospitality enterprise. We are a trusted source of benchmarked quality products and customer-centric services.

Managing Director

Rustom has an undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in accounting and an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. During his 7 years of working in Corporate America, Rustom has held several positions at Hess Oil as well as with M&T Bank. When Rustom returned to his hometown Mumbai, after spending 15 years in the United States, he pioneered the concept of branded packaged ice using energy efficient Tube Ice Machines.

Today, ICELINGS is the largest manufacturer of packaged ice in Mumbai and one of the largest manufacturers of tube ice plants in the world. ICELINGS recently installed the world’s largest ice plant for a gold mining company in South Africa for its thermal energy storage for cooling one of the world’s deepest mines.

In addition, Rustom is an investor with diversified interests in real estate, seafood processing, renewable energy and captive wind power (with generation of 7.5MW). Rustom is presently the President of the Seafood Exporters Association, Maharashtra region as well as the Windmill Owners Association of India.



  • Superior Design
  • Built to Last: Superior Quality of Materials Used
  • ISO-9001 Certified Process
  • Hassle-free Operations
  • Energy Efficient process


  • Experts who have built the World's Largest Tube Ice Plant
  • More than 300 Installations worldwide
  • Proven & Tested in every industry segment


  • Dependable After-Sales Support
  • Option to Train operators in our Tube Ice plant of 200 tons per day
  • Internet & SMS-Based Monitoring and Support System


  • Conveyors to move Ice through production Process
  • Automated Storage & Deliver System
  • Automatic Bagging System