Seafood Processing

Fish that is harvested from the sea must be kept fresh for long periods of time by enveloping them in crushed ice. This ensures the fish stays chilled and fresh for long. Maintaining the right temperature consistently is the secret to long lasting fish. Commercial Ice plants deliver a continuous supply of ice to achieve a consistent temperature. Icelings’ plants are widely preferred by leading seafood exporters because of our stringent quality norms that ensure the right temperature and hygienic processing.

Concrete Cooling

The chemical composition of cement in concrete is such that heat is released when mixed with water. This excess heat needs to be suppressed, usually with ice, to minimize cracks and promote curing. Icelings’containerized Tube ice plants and specially designed storages ensure continuous supply of ice to batching plants and its design makes mobilization and de-mobilization easy.

Cooling Systems for Pigment & Chemical Industries

Leading dyes and intermediates manufactures, OBA (Optical Brightening Agents), Food color and chemical manufactures use Icelings Tube Ice Plant for process temperature control and to meet global quality standards. Several processes in chemical industries use ice to subdue the exothermic reaction during final stage of production of raw materials for specific applications.


Large bakeries demand very high standards of hygiene and quality. Temperature control during the dough-mixing process is critical to the final quality since the excess heat generated needs to be controlled to ensure the right consistency and form. During the mixing procedure, bakeries use tube ice to meet stringent quality standards.

Chicken & Meat Processing

During poultry processing, maintaining temperature of the bird till its final packing is extremely crucial. Leading chicken processors have selected our Tube Ice plants for its world-class quality and food grade ice production. Its compact design makes it easy to install within the factory area.

Hospitality Sector

With increasing awareness, tube ice is becoming a choice of health-conscious customers, worldover. Our ice plants use treated mineral water with the assurance of no contamination during production. Packing, storing and distribution of tube ice are easier than conventional block ice, without the maintenance and wear-and-tear found in traditional block ice plants.